Friday, February 13, 2015

MD1208 Pathfinder Wins

Patriotism Contest Winner from MD1208

2014 Patriotism Diorama Contest Winner – 1st Place Pathfinder
by Megan C. (Pathfinder, MD1208)

Diorama Contests: Best Patriotic Diorama Using AHG Paper Dolls

This is a picture our Troop took of the Fort McHenry soldiers walking to the place where they are going to shoot the cannon. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem on a boat at Fort McHenry. Our Troop visited Fort McHenry in August.

Gretchen Magno, AHG MD1208  Troop Coordinator
St. Mary of the Mills Parish
114 St. Mary's Place
Laurel, MD 20707

TLUSA Leader's Rendezvous.

What a great day of meeting / greeting, sharing / caring. Awesome day today. Thanks to all who attended this 1st get together. Next meeting at Equip64 Cove Valley. see link below.